General Question

Delivery Time: Products are delivered to the post company within 48 hours of order confirmation and will reach the buyer within a maximum of 25 days based on the distance to the destination address.

Multiple Registrations: Each individual can only register once with their specific details.

Commission Disbursement: Commission payments for all networkers are disbursed into their accounts on Thursdays, three days after the end of the working week.


Payment Methods:

  • By registering your bank account number (Visa card or Master card) in your user panel, your commission will be deposited into the introduced account.
  • We can give our commission to other people so that they can buy the product.
  • Tether digital currency will be deposited for you by providing the wallet address.

Explanation: For the first and third cases, the transfer cost is the responsibility of the recipient, while in the second case, no expenses will be applied.

Weekly Earnings:  Each participant has three positions with potential weekly earnings of up to $1200, $2400, and $3600, depending on the activation amount of $200, $400, or $600 for each position. With all three positions activated at $600, potential weekly earnings could reach $10800 with equilibrium cycles.

Cycle Bonus: The sixth commission cycle is known as the cycle bonus, where participants receive a valuable prize for that cycle instead of regular commission.

Registration Fees: There are no additional fees for registering, but after one year, a $10 membership renewal fee is required, which can be paid with cycle bonuses.

Register and Sign up

Success Guarantee: The success of each person depends on that person’s own performance. We have provided you with the training you need to achieve success. The success of people depends on following the principles of training and allocating the time and energy needed to do the work. We guarantee the timely payment of your commission according to the plan and the delivery of the purchased products.

Multiple Registrations: Company policies do not endorse registering others for additional positions to increase commission. The company only accepts bank accounts in the name of the rightful owner for commission payments.

Skynet's Income Plan Explanation:

Signing up on the Skynet website is completely free.

Upon initial registration, the registrant receives three positions:
A, B, and C.

Each position can be activated with one point ($200),
two points ($400),
or three points ($600).

Note: The difference between one, two, and three points lies solely in the weekly income cap for that position, with no difference in the commission received per balance.

  • One-point position: $1200
  • Two-point position: $2400
  • Three-point position: $3600

Upgrading from a one-point to a two-point position and from a two-point to a three-point position is possible until the position reaches its income cap. After reaching the income cap, upgrading is no longer possible.

After reaching the income cap, if you have not upgraded your position, the stored points on the left or right side of the position will be deleted and reset to zero.
For three-point positions, stored points will be deleted after reaching the $3600 income cap.

Each $40 commission is called a (STEP)
6, 12, 18, 24,
and so on are called

. In a cycle step,
instead of a commission,
a voucher
is given to the marketer.

The income cap is calculated including cycles.