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Package 2

Package 2

$ 200

Repairing gel 15ml
Toothbrush pharma postoperative
Foramen Toothpaste “natural 97%” 75ml
Mouthwash postoperative 250ml
Extra flat dental tape 25ml

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Revolutionize your oral care routine with Toothpaste “Natural 97%” 75ml. This advanced toothpaste boasts a 97% organic composition, offering triple-action benefits.
Plaque and Caries Prevention: Activated fluoride combats plaque and caries formation for lasting dental protection.
Tooth Decay Protection: Enriched with calcium, it strengthens enamel, warding off decay and erosion.
Gum Health and Fresh Breath: Promotes healthy gums and enduring freshness with each use.
Infused with hyaluronic acid, it accelerates healing and regeneration, ideal for post-dental procedures. Specifically, hyaluronic acid:
• Protects, Repairs, and Regenerates: Shields and rejuvenates oral mucosa and gums, accelerating the healing process.
• Ideal for Post-Dental Procedures: Perfect for aiding recovery after periodontal treatments, extractions, or surgeries.
Alcohol-free and dermatologically tested for safety. Complete your oral care regimen with Foramen Hyaluronic Post-Surgery Mouthwash for comprehensive post-operative care. Experience the natural goodness of Toothpaste “Natural 97%” 75ml for a radiant smile and optimal oral health
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 10 cm






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