This contract has been established between SkyNet company with registration number 12/96-3213 and the marketer who owns the above location, and the marketer accepts all the conditions mentioned in this contract by checking the box below the contract and is required to comply with all provisions. Skynet company is also mentioned in the contract.

Subject of the contract :

Advertising about the company’s products and selling products, as well as introducing the plan and attracting people interested in doing this business.

Contract term :

From the date of registration of the marketer and at the same time of signing this contract, the company is obliged to pay the commission explained on the site according to the income plan for 12 years if the marketer is active. Also, there is no obligation for the activity of registered or unregistered people in the company. There is no Skynet and every marketer can start or stop his activity whenever he sees fit.

Terms of contract termination :

After one year, every marketer must pay $10 to the company for his annual charge and membership renewal. If three months have passed since the payment date and the marketer does not pay the above fee, the company can cancel the above position and deactivate it forever. The marketer will have no right to object. Also, before the deadline, a reminder email will be sent to you. If you do not renew after one month, your position will be yellow, after two months, red, and after three months, it will be black, and it will be disabled forever. The suspension of your sub-group points will not be calculated and reserved for the above position.

Company obligations :

The company is committed to transfer the marketer’s commission to his account according to the approved plan no later than fifteen days after the calculated week.
The company is committed to deliver the products purchased by the customer to the post within thirty days from the time of the customer’s request for delivery and inform the customer how to track the shipment.

The company is committed to put the trainings required by the marketers on the site to improve the quality of people’s performance in doing this business and update them if needed.
The company is obliged to post the necessary explanations on the website about the offered products.

The company cannot oblige the buyer of the product to be active in the field of networking and use of the income generation plan. The use of the company’s business plan is completely optional.

The company can change and modify its income generation plan and business plan whenever it deems appropriate, and in case of change and modification, the marketer has no right to object.
(Our priority is the satisfaction of the marketers and our efforts have always been and will be in the direction of increasing the marketers’ commission)

Determining the price of the products is the responsibility of the company’s pricing council, and the company can reduce or increase the price of the products whenever it deems appropriate, and marketers have no right to object to the price of the products and its reduction or increase.

Marketer Obligation :

By signing this contract, the marketer acknowledges that he has registered and purchased from the company fully knowingly and in good health, and is fully familiar with the company’s revenue generation plan and business plan. Skynet is aware of and is required to comply with them, and in case of any changes or amendments to these regulations and regulations and the above contract, it has no objection and must keep pace with these changes. The marketer is obliged to view or study the trainings available on the site if he wants to engage in networking activities and obliges his subordinates to view and study these trainings. The marketer is obliged to accompany and support his direct subordinates for education. As long as the marketer has a position in Skynet company, he does not have the right to work in another marketing company, and the marketer does not have the right to model or copy the company’s business plan, and if these violations are found, the position of the offending marketer will be suspended, and if it continues, it will be canceled forever. will be. The marketer does not have the right to sell the products of this company to another marketer. If according to the laws of your country, your income includes tax, the payment of income tax will be the responsibility of the marketer. The marketer does not have the right to sell products other than those available on the site to the company’s marketers. The marketer has no right to attract applicants introduced by other marketers, and in this case the complaining marketer will have the right to file a complaint. All people must declare and register the name of their heir when registering. In case of death, the designated heir marketer can request to change the name of the position by providing the required documents.

Force Major :

SkyNet company will notify possible changes to this contract through the website or newsletter anytime.